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Buy Turkish Lamps and Lanterns - Timeless Treasures That Have Been Passed Down Generations

A Turkish lamp is a work of distinct artistry created by skilled artisans to give it the desired look and feel. Arabic Lamps are ideal for rustic settings and placing in foyers, cellars or to provide an oriental touch to the living spaces. Turkish lamp prices vary depending on their type, size and making. The quality of the glass, color of the glass used, its weight and texture - “all play a role in the fabrication of any lamp” Nonetheless, you can buy the most genuine and reasonably priced lamps from Ubuy.

Why Buy Turkish Lamps and Lanterns Online?

Turkish lamps and lanterns get known for their beautiful design and conceptualization, which bring together disparate patterns, textures and colors in different sizes and proportions. As per their origins somewhere in 1299, Turkish Decorative lamps incorporate the age-old fragments of Ottoman culture. From antique to handcrafted mosaic lamps, you will find an exquisite collection of lamps available on Ubuy.

How are Turkish Lamps and Lanterns Made?

The practice of making Turkish lamps started somewhere in the year 1299 by the skilled glassmakers present in the Ottoman Empire. Original Arabic-vintage Turkish lamps are used to incorporate rich metals and precious stones in their making. They were mostly seen in luxurious estates, temples, mosques and churches as opulent decor elements. Mosaic lamps act as an exquisite heirloom for those who still want to experience the authenticity of ancient times while decorating their surroundings in vibrant colors and lights. Buy these amazing lamps and have your home lit up with beautiful and colorful lights.

Each handmade Turkish lampshade bears a different mosaic design and differs from the others in terms of colors, patterns and drawings. Hence, Turkish lamps emit a unique spectacular light when turned on. Buy some of the best Turkish lamps online to give a classy look to your home.

Different Categories and Types of Turkish Decorative Lamps for Sale

Choose from a myriad of traditional Turkish lamps & lanterns available for sale. Generally, Turkish style lamps are broadly classified into four categories namely Turkish Hanging Lamps and Lanterns, Floor Lamps, Table and Desk Lamps, Ceiling Lamps and Lights and finally Candleholders.

The next question arises is that how many types of Turkish Lamps actually exist? From vintage to contemporary, the most common types of Turkish lamps found on the market are Chandelier lamps, Moroccan lamps, Tiffany lamps, Mosaic lamps, Ottoman lamps, and DIY Turkish Mosaic lamp kits.

Different Types of Turkish Mosaic lamps like Turkish floor lamps, Turkish garden lanterns, Turkish table and desk lamps, standing Turkish lamps and more fit into different styles of interiors. They are apt for various purposes such as decorating the home for festivals, welcoming guests, enhancing the home aesthetics and more.

The most eminent and famous designs of Turkish Lamps include Large Turkish lamps, Turkish swan lamps, Turkish lamp globes, 9-globe Turkish floor lamps and so on. The body of an Oriental Turkish lamp gets assembled from small glass elements, into which a light source gets inserted on the inside. Lampshades can be lit either electrically or via a candle. Some people do not light Turkish lamps and use them as vases to store fresh or dried flowers. Depending on their ignition sources, Turkish lamps can be classified into cylinder lamps, solar lanterns, candle lanterns, oil lamps and many others.

Brands to Check Out for While Buying Turkish Lamps & Lanterns Online in Vietnam

You can find your favorite exquisite artisanal Turkish lamps from premium brands all over the world and purchase them from the overseas market at Ubuy. Majorly you will find Turkish pendant lamps, metal lamps, brass lamps, sconces and stained-glass lamps among the different varieties sold in the market in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Can Tho, Bien Hoa, Vung Tau, Nha Trang, Hue, & all major cities in Vietnam. On the top brands list, you will find:

Demmex Turkish Lamps

Customizable Turkish Moroccan Chandelier which consists of three big globes plugged in and hanging from the chandelier fitted on the roof, is one of the most popular lamps among this brand. Apart from these Demmex lamps such as Turkish Moroccan Mosaic Table Lamp and Turkish Moroccan Handmade Mosaic Ceiling Hanging Lights are also adored by many people.

Copperbull Turkish Lamps

Among the most popular ones in this brand - Turkish Moroccan Tiffany Style Handmade Colorful Mosaic Lampshade is found in the most preferred colors on our platform Those looking forward to exploring varieties of Turkish lamps for their home must consider buying Turkish Moroccan Mosaic Glass Chandelier Lights Hanging Ceiling Lamp and Handmade Mosaic Hanging Ceiling Lamp as well.

Mosaic Turkish Lamps

Mozaist Turkish Pitcher Lamp is made from high-quality genuine glass to generate a more vivid and clear appearance. On the other hand, Mozaist Turkish Mosaic Swan Neck Table Lamp and Mozaist Tiffany Style Turkish Stained Glass Table Lamp are popular choices for a luxurious home decoration.

Marrakech Turkish Lamps

Marrakech Handmade Turkish Tiffany Style Mosaic Glass Table Lamp is near perfect for decorating small spaces such as dressing tables, living room and office corners. Marrakech Bedside Lamp Mini Turkish Table Lamp and Marrakech Turkish Table Lamp Handmade Mosaic Glass Bedside Lamp are also handmade and amongst the most popular ones available in this brand online.

Asylove Turkish Lamps

Asylove 9 Globe Turkish Mosaic Floor Lamp features 9 lamps arranged in a spiral change colors when turned on. As Love Turkish Mosaic Table Lamp consists of three globes, whereas the Moroccan Mosaic Tiffany Boho Lamp comes with a swan-shaped neck and can be used to decorate the reading space inside your home.

Silver Fever Turkish Lamps

The list of most popular lamps of this brand includes Mosaic Turkish Lamp Moroccan Glass Swan Neck Lantern, Moroccan Mosaic Turkish Colorful Handmade Glass Lanterns and the Turkish Teapot Lamp. You can buy all these attractive lamps online at Ubuy Vietnam.

How to Identify Genuine Mosaic Lamps from Knockoffs?

To identify traditional Turkish lamps from fake ones, you must reflect on the following parameters before buying any Mosaic lamp -

Quality of the Glass

To determine whether the lamp is authentic or a replica, look out for the quality of the glass used first. Glass on genuine mosaic lamps is heavy and gives you a distinct feel when you touch its surface. If you gently tap the glass with your knuckle, you will be able to tell whether it is made of glass or thin plastic.

Color of the Glass

Authentic Turkish lamp glass is handmade and imbibes a deep, rich color. Turn on the lamp and look through the glass to ensure it is genuine. It's most likely a copy if the color appears pale or bleached out.

The Texture on the Base of the Lamp

Real Turkish lamps are made from bronze bases, not plastic. Bronze maintains the ambient temperature in its surroundings so if the room is cold, the base will be cold and vice versa if it’s hot the base will be hot. So, run your hand over the surface of the base to see if it's made of bronze metal or plastic.

The Weight of the Lamp

Handmade glass is heavy and so is the solid bronze pedestal. On the other hand, a cheap plastic shade and pedestal designed to look real will not weigh much. If your lamp is hefty, there’s a good chance it’s of high-quality and genuine materials.

What are the Top Rated & Trending Turkish Lamps and Lanterns?

Following are some of the top-rated & most viewed Turkish Lamps and Lanterns from top brands at Ubuy Vietnam -

Frequently Asked Questions About Turkish Lamps and Lanterns

How to import Turkish lamps to Vietnam?

All types of Turkish lamps, in all sizes and variations, can be imported to Vietnam from abroad by shopping and placing orders online at Ubuy.

Where to buy Turkish lamps online in Vietnam?

You can buy Turkish lamps online from premium brands from Ubuy Vietnam.

How to buy Turkish lamps?

Shop via Ubuy to get authentic products from across the border delivered right to your doorstep.

What are the charges to ship Turkish lamps to Vietnam?

The shipping cost of lamps to India varies depending on the distance between your location and the international shipping store from which you are ordering that product. It also depends upon the shipping partner as well as.

How to order Turkish lamps online?

The process of ordering Turkish lamps online via Ubuy is rather simple. All you have to do is add items to your cart and pay online via your preferred method for making purchases online.

How to get Turkish lamps delivered directly to Vietnam?

Fill out all address details while checking out from the Ubuy shopping portal to get exclusive Turkish Lamps delivered to your location in Vietnam.

How to make Turkish or Mosaic lamps?

Turkish lamps are composed of two layers, a metal part and balloons. In this technique, miniature crystals of glass pieces and stones are incorporated into the main framework that eventually forms mosaics in lamps. The glass and beads are secured onto the hand-blown sphere after drying, covered in ceramic, joined using plaster and lastly polished to bring out the vibrant look.

What is a Turkish lamp called?

The Turkish Lamp is also known as a Mosaic lamp by many.

What are Turkish lamps used for?

Turkish Lamps reflect a variety of colors when switched on and hence serve as excellent ornamental decor items in living spaces.

Which lamp is best for the bedroom?

A Turkish lamp that relieves stress and is gentle on your eyes is best for your bedroom. A “soft white” bulb with a color temperature of 2,700 to 3,000 Kelvin is recommended on our behalf for use.

Do Turkish lamps get hot?

This depends on the texture on the base of a Turkish Lamp. If a Turkish lamp is a real one indeed, the base will be hot only when the surrounding temperature is high.

What do Turkish lamps symbolize?

During the Ottoman Empire, Turkish lamps were created to adorn the interiors of mosques and royal tombs. Many believe they represent "the divine presence and the light of the Qur'an, in addition to being images of paradise."

What bulb is needed for a Turkish lamp?

E12 or E14 LED bulbs are usually needed to ignite a Turkish lamp.

How do you install or assemble a Turkish lamp?

First fix the globe to the base of the lamp. Pinch down on the stand's clasps to secure the globe to the entire setup. Screw your light bulb inside the globe before you clip in the bottom part. Pinch the bottom part with the clasp and voilà, you have assembled the Turkish Lamp.

How and where are Turkish lamps made?

Completely unique and different from others, each Turkish lamp is made with great finesse by master craftsmen from Istanbul with high-quality mosaic crystals in Turkey.

How do you clean Turkish lamps?

Place the newspaper on the bottom, then use a soapy and damp cloth to remove the dust from the Turkish lamp. Afterwards, you can dry it with a cloth. You can also clean the bulb with vinegar water to make it shine bright. If your chandelier is made of plastic or fabric, you can clean it with a soapy duster.

How to hang Turkish lamps?

Turkish lamps can be hung from the ceilings by inserting them into the wall socket.